Teaching for understanding, inquiry based learning, developing higher order thinking skills and cooperative learning are critical teaching approaches that underpin curriculum delivery at Howrah Primary.

In 2017 we are teaching and reporting against the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Science (HaSS) and Health and Physical Education.

A Progress Statement outlining how students have settled into the new school year is provided in March. A major Mid–Year Report is delivered in June with an accompanying parent/teacher interview and a Summary Report is provided in December. At other times teachers are happy to make appointments to meet with parents or carers to discuss any matters of concern.

We also provide specialist teaching in areas including:

  • Music/Drama  – In addition to weekly class music sessions students have the opportunity to participate in choir, ukulele, guitar, woodwind and percussion. Year 5 and 6 students also have the opportunity to participate in the School Production.
  • Physical Education  – Prep–Year 6 classes have a weekly PE session.
  • Languages Other Than English – French – Year 5 and 6 students have weekly French sessions.
  • Library – All students have a weekly session in the well-resourced and recently refurbished school library facilitated by our teacher librarian.

Additional Programs

  • Digital Technologies – An Advanced Skills Teacher manages this area ensuring that a wide range of digital technologies are available to enhance student learning and engagement. Teachers utilize classroom interactive whiteboards, iPads, Laptops, a 3D printer and our computer lab to assist learning. Year 5 students are trained as mentors to support peers and teachers in this area.
  • Extended Learning  – An Advanced Skills Teacher manages this area, supporting teachers to write and implement Personalised Learning Plans for students identified as gifted.
  • Respectful Schools – Positive Behaviour Support  – At Howrah Primary School, there is an emphasis on creating and maintaining a supportive school community. Our Positive Behaviour Support program based on the four expectations, Being Responsible, Being Safe, Being Respectful and Being a Positive Learner assists all students to learn to accept responsibility for their actions and make appropriate choices.
  • Student Representative Council (SRC) – The SRC provides the student voice in matters pertaining to the operation of the school, and organises fundraising for charities and student activities. The SRC is comprised of at least two students from each Year 3-6 class, meeting weekly at lunch times. The tenure for representatives is two Terms.
  • Student Leaders –  At Howrah we have a Year 6 Student Leaders program. During their time as Student Leaders, our Year 6 students have the experience of participating in a number of different activities designed to build their self-confidence and leadership skills including: House Captain and Vice-Captain positions, executive positions on the SRC, co-ordinating lunch time activities for the wider school population and acting as role models and mentors for younger students.
  • Sports – Howrah Primary fields netball and football teams in the SPSSA Clarence Winter Sports Roster and an opportunity to participate in regional football, netball and hockey teams in the SPSSA Winter Sports Carnival. There are annual school carnivals in swimming, cross country, triathlon and athletics. Students have the opportunity for selection to representative teams participating in Southern Primary Schools Sports Association inter school carnivals.