Parent/carer help and involvement is greatly encouraged across our school, benefiting our students and staff greatly. The Department of Education requires that all volunteers must hold a current Registration for Working with Vulnerable People (RWVP). Information can be accessed and application made at:

Examples of Activities that would require a RWVP:

  • An off school campus excursion with parents/carers attending;
  • Parents/carers reading with children in the classroom;
  • Parents/carers actively engaging in supervisory aspects of a walkathon/swimming event/sports days; and
  • Parents/carers cooking with a small group of children or helping out at the canteen.

Examples of Activities that would NOT require a RWVP:

  • Parents/carers attending a whole school assembly;
  • Parents/carers attending a walkathon/swimming event/sports day as spectators only; and
  • Parents/carers attending to watch a school play.